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The process of joining materials to create objects from three-dimensional model data, usually layer by layer is named Additive Manufacturing. Its commonly called 3D printing.

Functional Principal
*a skinny layer of powdered material is added to the building platform
*A ray then fuses the powder at the points exactly defined by computer-generated design data
*Platform is lowered and another layer of powder is applied
*all over again the fabric is fused to bond with the layer below at predefined points

Steps Involved
1. Modeling
*Creation of CAD model
*Conversion to. STL format

2. Printing
*Processing. STL get into slicer
*Layer by Layer construction
3. Finishing
*Removing manufactured part from the machine
*Removal of additional material like supports
*Minor cleaning, surface treatment & painting if required.

1. Automotive
*Urbee, the primary car whose entire body was 3D Printed
*Koenigsegg, the supercar giant, in 2014 got all its mechanical parts 3 D printed

2. Space
Ø In 2014, the world’s first zero-gravity 3D printer was delivered to the international space platform

3. Apparel
*Nike used 3 D printing for the manufacturing of “Vapor Laser Talon” football shoe.

*Cornell creative machine lab is making Chocolates, candy, pizza & pasta since 2012 by using 3D printing.
*Lightweight designs
*Freedom of design
*High cost
*Slow build rates

Thus we are able to see how Additive manufacturing is gradually making its mark on the map with is various contributions and different verticals. Its novice, faster and technologically advanced. With proper knowledge and guidance, one can use this technology and gain fruitful outcomes.

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